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Gloebit is live on Mobius

GloeBit is live on Mobius, so if you’d like to use Gloebit services. Please signup at Read More...
New changes in Mobius

Today we put in a few changes in Mobius Grid and we would like to let you know what.



Grid Stats

Current Stats
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Active Players: 124
Total Players: 1349
Total Regions: 107

Hypergrid Shopping Friendly

Mobius Grid uses GloeBit as our grids currency. Making shopping for hypergridders convenient and secure. Thanks to GloeBit you can fill your avatars inventory with items not only from stores in Mobius Grid, but from stores from other grids too.

Custom Code

Mobius Grid is powered by a custom developed OpenSim software by Zetamex. We communicate regularly with Zetamex to insure server stability and usability.

Community First

Mobius Grid focuses on it's community, and when major decisions come up that affect the community grid wide we talk to our users about their thoughts on the decisions. And our staff regularlly hang out and have fun with our users. We feel to know what the community wants best is to be apart of it daily.